Came just in time

D L Jansen Primary School wrote the following letter of thanks to their donor, Sumitomo Corporation

“The above mentioned school is situated in a small rural town about 60km from Kimberley, the capital city of the Northern Cape Province. It is a poor community that mostly rely on jobs on the farms and government grants.

The school has a learner total of about 1,180 learners coming from the area and also surrounding farms.

For the past few years we struggled with drinking water because the borehole ran dry and the supply from the municipality is also very very poor. In many instances we had to release learners early because there was no drinking water, or water available for the toilets.

Your water solution CAME AT THE RIGHT TIME. The PlayPump is a relief. The Playpumps solve the following issues immediately: the need for running water during this COVID 19 disaster, the daily preparation of food for learners and the sanitation facilities at our school.

We are really relieved at the wonderful donation and cannot express our gratitude in enough words.

THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH Sumitomo Corporation for your wonderful gift of water.

The learners, parents and educators want to express our simple words of thanks through this message.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Frederick Titus, Deputy Principal”


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