Help maintain existing PlayPumps

KZ0233 (16)The first PlayPumps were first installed in 1996 and since then we have put in over 1,000 PlayPumps in South Africa.  Much like a car they do need to be maintained periodically.  The PlayPump is a very robust piece of equipment, and many of them are still working well, but periodically seals need replacing, cylinders need changing, pipes leak, and need attention, leaking taps need to be attended to.

Each PlayPump has an individual number and an SMS number on the tank stand.  Faults can be reported by SMS by the principal or community leader to our operations department and faults logged and attended to.

The PlayPump has been designed to be relatively low on maintenance and able to withstand the robust treatment to which it can be subjected.  However, as PlayPumps are located in rural areas, often some distance from major towns and good roads, a significant element of the cost of repair is the time and travel to get a crew to the site.  Thanks to generous support from donors we continue to visit and maintain many of our PlayPumps, thus ensuring that the schools and communities continue to have clean drinkable water.

We are appealing for help to continue visiting them, carrying out necessary inspections and maintenance.

For R900 per month, or R10 800 per year we can visit and maintain a PlayPump.

If you can help contact Sandra Hayes at or +27 11 543 7928

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