Bucket Challenge for PlayPumps

Three very brave people have taken the bucket challenge and poured cold water over themselves, challenging others to do the same and sending part of the funds they raised to PlayPumps.  We cannot thank Carly Marvis, Melissa Klein and Cary Brits enough for their bravery!

As Melissa said

“I did the challenge in my pool as not to waste any water. I feel so many South Africans are just wasting a bucket of good clean water and the reality is in many rural areas, a bucket of clean water is used to last a family the whole day! Just tried to raise some awareness about that! 
I’ve only got one pic as I recorded myself doing it. 
Please let me know if I can help in any other way!”
Donna Wood who generously donated via GivenGain said “I was nominated for the Ice bucket challenge by my niece in England, however I don’t believe in wasting water so I told her I would donate to a charity that provides fresh water to children in South African.”
 All the funds raised will all go towards maintaining our existing pumps.
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