Maintenance and installations

REVK8264We recently installed a PlayPump at Ntsoanatsatsi Edu Care Trust in the Free State  The Trust teaches adults to grown vegetables, but also looks after 300 vunerable children.

Ruth Butcher, from Mama’s Allicance, who bought the Trust’s water problems to our attention, has told us that after the PlayPump was installed that “the children cannot get enough of the PlayPump” and what a difference it has made.

NW0249 LOUWNA 38 (1)We also installed a PlayPump at Louwna Primary School in the North West Province.  Their electric pump had been broken for two years and they had to go and collect water and pay for it, which they could ill afford.

Maintenance has also been aNW0054 (24) major drive this year and in the last couple of months we have maintained over 50 PlayPumps.

Each tank s tand has an SMS number on it for reporting problems with the PlayPumps and schools and communities can phone in.

 South Africa is a water scarce country and in rural areas the PlayPump can often been the only source of reliable water.LP0264 (13)

We rely on donations to help us maintain our PlayPumps.  The schools and communities rely on the PlayPumps to help them stay healthy and alive.  Please consider a donation to help us help these rural and vunerable children.  : 082 704 0370

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