Drought in South Africa

Most of South Africa is suffering from one of the worst droughts in over 30 years.  IMG_4115resizedIn the rural communities, cattle are dying, farmers are unable to plant crops, rivers and dams are running dry.  If there is no PlayPump at the school the donkey cart is often the only source of water for the schools and communities and these carts are unable to bring round as much water as is needed.

In the Free State Province it is a very dire situation.  Municipal water in Kimberley has totally dried up. Water in Welkom is running blood red. Bloemfontein is surviving from day to day with the dam levels being so low that algae is building up which could cause serious health problems.  In Thaba Nchu they are lucky to get water for an hour a day.  People are flocking to our PlayPumps to get water.  There is considerable stress put on these PlayPumps with the huge demand.  We need to maintain as many as we can so people can continue to get water.

During a recent visit to the North West Province, where temperatures exceeded 40 degrees it was very obvious how badly the drought is affecting everyone.

If the school children have no water, they get dehydrated, cannot concentrate and are often sent home early impacting on their learning.

IMG_4087resizedBuckets with a little water are placed outside classrooms so the children can wash their hands, but this is a luxury.  If there is no water the cooks are unable to cook meals for the children, so they are both hungry and thirsty.

Often our PlayPumps are the only source of reliable water.  As the children spin on the PlayPump not only are they having fun but also they are pumping up life giving water.

We ask for help in supplying new PlayPumps and also maintaining our existing 1,000 PlayPumps in South Africa.



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