His Thirsty Community needs help

We recently received a letter from Modudi asking for help for his community. He said (abbreviated)

Thirsty Community

My never-say-die spirit continues and I have no choice BUT to continue.  I have been writing emails for the last 11 years to countless companies and their foundations, both national and multi-national.  Have written countless emails of plea to relevant government departments, all bearing no fruit or action.

My sprawling rural village of Tafelkop just outisde of the small town of Groblersdal on the border of Mpumalanga/Limpopo was established in 1959 after the community was forcibly removed from Magamatala.  All the other villages have water but our village does not.  

The previous government did dig five boreholes but only one was fitted with a Jojo tank and a machine.  I am pleading with your organization to please fit the other boreholes so that the people can drink.  My request is that simple and straight-forward, still armed with hope.

This is a dire situation and Roundabout Water needs to visit the village, test the water to make sure it is sustainable and fit for human consumption, but needs donor funding to do this.  If it passes then we can consider a PlayPump, but again we will need help to pay for the installion and equipment.  If  you can help in any way, please contact Sandra Hayes 011 543 7928 or sandra.hayes@playPumps.co.za

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