Sustainable water pumping solutions

Rural Africa is home to thousands of manual water pumps.  Many of these pumps do not work, either due to a lack of parts or knowledge to repair them, or a lack of funds. 

The PlayPump has been designed to be a relatively low maintenance piece of equipment.  Able to withstand the robust treatment to which it can be subjected.  We maintain PlayPumps for up to ten years, or longer, with support from our donors.  Our contractors perform the maintenance free of charge to the school or community.

Fun at school on the PlayPump

Getting Water 209 copy

A PlayPump not only provides water for drinking, it also provides a source of fund and exercise for the kids, water to wash hands after visiting the toilet and before eating meals, water for the school cooks to cook a daily meal, vegetable gardens to be started, classrooms cleaned and a healthier life style.

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