Maintenance in 2015

LP0196 (17)In the first half of 2015 we have maintained 160 PlayPumps with a further 32 being visited in KwaZulu Natal this month and after that we will make a trip to our North West sites.  All this is possible thanks to generous donations.

The PlayPumps provide clean drinking water to rural schools where there is no other source of reliable water.  With regular maintenance they can continue to work for 15 years or more.

The children love it, they remain hydrated, there is water to drink, wash hands, clean classrooms and grow vegetables.


MP0072 (22)

Happy Children attend school, play together and don’t fight.  It has been said that the PlayPump is hard to push, but we set the start force to nothing more than 11 kgs, which is easy to push and the more children on the Playpump the easier it is.  A lot more fun than walking 5 kms with a 25 liter drum to collect water.



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