Ramaahlo Primary update

We installed at PlayPump at Ramaahlo Primary School, Limpopo, on the 18 August 2010.  The PlayPump continues to provide clean drinking water and has needed no maintenance since it’s installation.  We received the following letter on 27 March 2017 from the principal.

Ramaahlo Primary 2017

“WATER IS PRECIOUS …. Thanks a million fold to ROUNDABOUT PUMP

RAMAAHLO primary school is a rural school which caters for children in the village of Grootpan, Bloberg Municipality, Limpopo Province.  The school’s primary aim is to provide early childhood development.  In Early Childhood Development, children need to be taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after meals, and after using the loo.  Water is needed for children to master these hygienic routines.  The Roundabout pump is a source of water supply at the school.

In addition, Early Childhood development is characterized by play.  Children are encouraged to play to develop muscles and movement.  Roundabout pump serves as a toy for our children to play.

It must also be stated that the school’s electricity bill has gone down drastically.  Being a no fee, Quintile 2 school, RAMAAHLO primary school relies solely on the Norms and Standard allocation provided by the government.  More often than not, the allocation is not sufficient for all school needs.  Reduction in electricity bill is highly appreciated.  We used to buy R600 electrcity monthly.  The money has been reduced to R400 monthly.  Thanks to the Roundabout pump that does not use electricity to pump water.

It is also worth mentioning that the school, through water supplied by the Roundabout pump, has grown a garden and orchard.  As a school, we grow vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, onions and we supplement our learners’ nutritional programme.

In addition to the school garden and orchard, the school has grown Moringa Plantation.  Moringa is famour for its medicinal value.  Majority of community members use its leaves for healing of various ailments.  We truly serve the community.  Thanks a million fold to Roundabout pump.  Without it, all these would be pipe dreams.

We, threfore, highly appreciate your contribution towards the development of our school.  Yours faithfully Kgwatalala MA (Mr) school principal and Machete MF SGB Chairperson.”

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