PlayPumps installed and Maintained

EC0249 - LEHMANS DRIFT PS114In the last three months we have installed two PlayPumps and maintained over 65 existing PlayPumps thanks to the generous support from donors.

At Lehmans Drift Primary School the principal told us that they had been operating for years without piped water and were reliant on rainwater and the kids bringing bottled water from home.  Though they had an electrical pump it had been broken for many years and they could not afford to mend it.  Also the electricity supply was very unreliable.  They felt that a PlayPump would be the answer to their struggles and provide them with much needed water.

The children threw themselves on the PlayPump the moment they were allowed to!

NW0092 (27) Maintenance of the PlayPump was  done at Itlotleng Primary School.  It has been at the school since 2007 and was still very popular with the children.

The tap was upgraded, new HDPE pipes were laid, the forcehead seal was replaced and the tank cleaned out.

The school, with over 200 pupils has no other source of reliable water and is very dependent on the PlayPump for their water needs.

NW0093 (32)


In many cases not only do the school children use the water, but the local people also collect water from the PlayPump.NW0094 (19)

Maintenance of our PlayPumps is very important.  Some of them are 20 years or older, still providing water and very needed by the schools and communities.  Please help us continue with this work.

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