Williams Trip Farm School letter of thanks

Williams Trip Farm School The Principal of Williamstrip farm school, Ms Francina Posholi and T L Spyker of the School Governing Body wrote to us a letter of appreciation for their PlayPump which was installed in 2014. She said

“On behalf of the school and the parents, I hereby wish to thank you very much for the water tank and the playing swing that you have given us at the school. Words can never begin to explain the appreciation we have about this installation. Our water problem is a thing of the past now.
There are so many positive changes at this school like:-
1. Learners attend school on a regular basis because we have fresh vegetables to feed them everyday.
2. We do not struggle with water even if we don’t have electricity
3. The children really enjoy the water wheel
4. The education of the children is positively influenced because we used to send them home when the electricity has shut down since we didn’t have any other option.
We appreciate what you have given us sincerely from the bottoms of our hearts. Thank you very much!

Because of the reliable water at the school, we have been able to install a vegetable garden, ensuring that the kids get vegetables with their daily meal. The netting in the background is their vegetable garden.

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