Verkeerdevlei thank us for their PlayPump

Verkeerdsvlei PS_00000001

Pupils at Verkeerdevlei Primary School in the Free State wrote to us

“I am a learner of Verkeerdevlei Primary School.  Our school is in a rural areas.

On morning when I came to school, I realized people are busy working out at our school.  The principal told us that very kind people are going to build a wheel where we can play and it will pump water.  I could not understand what exactly she meant.  Only after two days there was a wheel, a tank and water coming from the tap.  For the first time I tasted clean water from the borehole.

We were all so happy to know that good people really did something for us as learners.  The day when they told us to play on the wheel we were so happy.  Teachers organized us into groups to take turns to play.  It was so nice to know that while we were playing, clean water is pumped into the tank and we could drink clean water.

My whole life changed, because now we can drink water without fearing that we can get sick, because the water was so clean and clear”

clean water

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