Beautful scenery but no reliable water

Near Clarens in the Free State, set among FS094 - MOJALEFA PS 46rolling  hills, is a small farm school, which up until now had no reliable water.  Sometimes the children used to leave school early because they were thirsty.  Though schools in South Africa normally give the children a meal, without reliable clean water they were unable to cook meals for them, resulting in the children going hungry.  There was a water delivery, but that could take up to two weeks to come, and the water from the last water delivery by that time had run out.  Thanks to generous donors we were recently able to installed a PlayPump there.

We went back to the school last week and the children were stillFS094 - MOJALEFA PS 50 so excited about having a PlayPump which gave the reliable water.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful a place is, you need water to survive.

Any donations towards bringing these schools and communities reliable water helps to make their lives just that much better. : 011 543 7928 or 082 704 0370



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