The Body Shop Foundation support

The Body Shop Foundation donated a new PlayPump and maintained a further 13 PlayPumps over the 2014/2015 year.


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Philippa wrote saying

I have been reading about the drought in South Africa – heart breaking.

Thank you so much for your amazing report. It is always so wonderful to read about the impact of our funding. You have been the most amazing group to fund and I wish more groups were like you sending so many updates and your reports in a timely fashion.”

EC0242 - MNGUNGU JSS 47The PlayPump they donated was at Mugungu Junior Secondary in the Eastern Cape. A rural school that had been without water for many years. Their joy at receiving a PlayPump was heart warming and all the children at the school wanted to jump and play on it.

The Body Shop Foundation also funded the maintenance of 13 PlayuPumps sites. Often it was the case of replacing the cylinder or mending leaking pipes, but one or two of the sites needed major work and it was wonderful to be able to do this with the funds donated by The Body Shop Foundation.

Our very grateful thanks to The Body Shop Foundation for their support.

South Africa is suffering a major drought, our PlayPumps are often the only source of reliable water for miles around.  We appeal to others to help us maintain PlayPumps and also install new ones, ensuring life giving water for these rural communities. : +27 11 543 7920 or +27 82 704 0370

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