Thank you for maintaining our PlayPump

Ramalapa Primry School_00000001

Ramalapa Primary School would like to appreciate and acknowledge the valuable support it gets from your company with regard to the PlayPump facility.
The supply of water at the school is excellent as a result of the facility and there are other improvements as well which emanates from the facility and they are to cite but a few examples:
a) Late coming has improved as learners come to school early enough to drive the facility
b) Water tank is always kept to the brim and so water is always available
c) The facility supports the feeding programme as water is always there for cooks to use
d) facility promotes good health among our learners as they always make exercise when driving the facility
e) school attendance has improved dramatically learners don’t want to miss the opportunity to drive the facility
f) the evening project at school runs well due to water we have.
Your prompt response when the facility is out of order is also apprecaited.

Ramalapa Primary School in Limpopo Province is also asking for assistance to build an extra room at their school so they can store library books and have a strong room. The school is in a delapidated state.

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