Let the water continue to flow

In March, thanks to continued support from wonderful donors, we maintained 29 PlayPumps in KwaZulu Natal. DSCN4543Out of this group was Mdlenevu Primary School, which was installed 14 years ago in 2001 and apart from replacing the forcehead, changing the threaded rod and patching the soil crete it was still working and the kids continue to play happily on it.


DSCN4606One of the other sites was a community PlayPump near Vryhead which was installed in 2007.   The community does not have a reliable water supply and is dependent on the PlayPump for water.  After school the kids all play on it while the mothers collect water for drinking, cooking and washing.

DSCN4223At schools the learners will arrive early to play on the PlayPump, often their only  piece of play ground equipment.  The tank is then filled up by them so they have water to drink before going into class and at break time there is water for the cooks to use to cook a meal.

DSCN4454This reliable water means increased school attendance, healthier and happier children.

A donation towards our ongoing maintenance means healthy water continues to be available for these schools and communities.

To learn more please contact us on sandra.hayes@playpumps.co.za or +27 11 543 7928



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