KwaZulu Natal maintenance trip

DSCN0928In March this year, 2014, our maintenance team from Limpopo went to KwaZulu Natal to carry out much needed repairs on our PlayPumps.

It was the first time they had been near the ocean, so a quick visit to see what the sea was all about was necessary, before they set off into rural KwaZulu Natal to visit 12 schools and communities.  On route, up and down bumpy dirt roads, they came across kids walking to and from school.  Often these children can walk anything up to 4 or 5 kms a day to get to school.


KZ0095 (10)Not only were the team in KwaZulu Natal to maintain our existing PlayPumps but they were also there to put up health messaging on the tank stands. 

These messages make the children aware of the need for cleaning their teeth, washing their hands with soap, using the precious water sparingly and many other health related matters. 

The funds from these messages also helps towards the ongoing maintenance of our PlayPumps. 



KZ0233 (38)

The school kids were delighted to have their PlayPump working again and no sooner was school out than they were watching the men at work and playing on the roundabout.

In these very rural areas even the older kids enjoy the PlayPump. 


KZ0233 (50)

After spinning vigerously on the PlayPump the water they have pumped up provides a refreshing drink.

Also there is now water for cooking and cleaning classrooms.

The difference a PlayPump makes to these rural schools cannot be under estimated.


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