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LP0222 Phoffu Primary School

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 Date installed: 2008.01.28

 Location: Matlala Ga-Phoffu,

 Limpopo Province, South Africa 

 In the village of Phoffu there is a primary school called Phoffu which consists of 15 classrooms in 5 buildings with 402 learners and 12 educators. Some of the children come from the neighbouring village.            

“I play and collect water here every day after school and on weekends because it is so much fun” says Lefa Modise, aged 11, Grade 6.


The community in the area live in extreme poverty with a high number of unemployed parents. A few community members are employed in the town of Polokwane so they travel every day to work by bus.

 The safe supply of water has been a huge help to the school because they were dependent on hand dug pits or they would buy from the local vendor who brings water around in a donkey cart. The PlayPump replaced one of the broken hand pumps which broke ages ago and the school could not afford to mend it.

“I walk from as far away as 3.5 kilometres to visit the PlayPump daily because it is the only play equipment in the area, I enjoy it a lot” says Moloko Mohai aged 11, Grade 5. (Pictured above with yellow shirt)


There is a feeding scheme at the school and the women cook one meal a day for the children. They eat soup, samp, dried vegetables and porridge. The school uses the water mainly for drinking, cooking, washing dishes and hands.

“We are pleased with the PlayPump because we are able to drink clean water every day. We are now able to wash our hands before and after we have eaten our meals and able to wash our lunch boxes. We used to bring water in the bottles for us to drink or ask at the nearby household” says Mmaphuti Mulaodi aged 12, Grade 6 (pictured above holding a white lunch box).

Author: Sandra Hayes

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